INDUSTRIAL ACCESS SA - Rent and sale:JLG - Aerial working platforms; GEDA - Lifts, platforms, hoists and Rubbish Chutes, Mobile Aerial Working Platforms - Nifty Lift,Aerial platform - LIONLIFT,Rough terrain forklift trucks - MAST EXPLORER,Mobile Access Tower Systems - Instantupright,Scaffoldings & FrameWork System - FERMAR,Mini crawler - UNIC CRANES,Power Generators - ATLAS COPCO,Portable Air Compressors - ATLAS COPCO,Portable Pumps - GODWIN PUMPS,Powerwashers - BRENDON,Lighting Tower - Towerlight,Transportable Fuel Dispensers,Engine Driven Welders - GENSET.

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Industrial Access SA

Phone: +40 21 313 02 00
Fax: +40 21 313 02 22
Call center: +40 788 NACELA

Industrial Access - Contact Form
Industrial Access - Contact Form


The Biggest & Most Dynamic Powered Access Rental Company in Balkan Region (Romania, Bulgaria & Moldova)
Industrial Access SA Romania is the largest independent powered access rental company in the Balkans area, having only 12 years history of strong organic growth, from a small entrepreneurial company to the most developed powered access rental network depot in Romania (we also have two 100% owned subsidiaries in Bulgaria and Moldova).
Established in 2005 Industrial Access  provides, reliable, rental solutions across  Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova offering coverage trough an extensive network of branches.

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” We try to create a better future for all of us using old school values in a more and more demanding global market. Long-term sustainable human centred virtues such as truth and empathy are the basis of our work, well beyond daily opportunities and apparently with no direct link to our company targets. We aim to create a stable environment where all our stakeholders can feel a difference and enjoy our success.”
Stefan Ponea          
Founder  Industrial Access


Because we believe in our capabilities we commit to our B2B accounts and offer as standard the most required guaranties chosen by our customers:

1. DELIVERY COMMITMENT: we deliver within 1 hour from the contracted date and time or you get your first day free

2. SUPPORT COMMITMENT: we answer to your service claim calls within 10 minutes or you get your rental day for free

3. AVAILABILITY COMMITMENT: we repair the malfunctioning machine within 4 working hours or you get your day free

B2B Divisions (

B2B with Passion! 2005-2016: Thank you for your trust!


1.      Access and lifting

2.      Air, Power, Water & HVAC

3.      Earth moving & compaction

4.      Small construction equipment

5.      Construction – powered, optical & laser hand held tools

6.      Fencing, Accommodation, Public services & Media events

7.      Home & Garden

8.      Special projects: civil and non-civil, global accounts


NEW! B2C Divisions:

1.      Power tools

2.      Home & Garden


Charging period:


1 day:    it start at the DDMMYYY / HH:mm and lasts minimum 24h

1 week:  it start at the DDMMYYY / HH:mm and lasts minimum 1 week

4 weeks: it start at the DDMMYYY / HH:mm and lasts minimum 4 weeks


The standard contract duration cannot be reduced, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties. The standard rate applies, even the unit is returned before due date, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties.

All prices are to be considered in Euro, at the BNR Exchange rate, valid at the date if invoice and official VAT rate valid at the invoice date shall be added on top. Contractual terms apply, all data becomes a contract only by written agreement.

Equipment is delivered / returned based on delivery note signed by the parties, only.

Industrial Access – your preferred partner!


Our customer chooses us as their preferred premium solution provider

Since 2005, we relentlessly strive for our customer’s success!


Flexibility, Comfort, Passionate “Can do” attitude at your service 24/7

100 + dedicated young team members at your service

Quality & transparency focused for perfect customer experience

97% of our customers recommend us to their business partners


Continuous people development

Minimum 7 days /year training for each of our team members, striving to improve your experience and learning from our mistakes

Continuous fleet improvement for your increased productivity & comfort

Multimillion yearly investment in the latest technology available from premium manufacturers

100% Genuine – 100% peace of mind in terms of safety and regulation compliance

We constantly stock 500.000 Euro of exclusively genuine spare parts for our fleet maintenance and repairs

99% +  uptime – more time for you to concentrate on your priorities

2700 + premium modern rental products CE marked, young fleet (<53 months on average on large equipment and < 12 months on tools and other small items)


One stop shop for smooth customer experience

43 Million Euro fleet, from premium suppliers, rent, sales, service, delivery & return, financing, insurance in tailor made solutions

Proximity, with regional power & support

13 x B2B hire locations and 11 x B2C rental stores, 27 mobile service units, with regional coverage (Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova)

One contact for your personal comfort available for corporate accounts

Personal account manager and integrated customer CRM & web-portal for premium customer experience


Turn key solution provider, from simple hire to complex multi annual, multi region, challenging & complex sensitive jobs

Highest expertise team with 100 + years in the rental industry, close to you from design to final delivery

From local to global support

From one-day hire to international long term projects (West & SE Europe, Baltics, Georgia, Azerbaijan, India, Russia, Turkey, West Africa, etc), in civil and non-civil application

Continuous reliable service & highest SLA

10.000+ paying customers for our certified cervices: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISCIR, NCAGE, all measured on line quality & process transparent KPI’s

International recognition

Europe, Amsterdam, 2011 ERA -Best Small Rental Company of the Year Award

USA, Miami, 2013 IPAF – Best Rental Company of the Year Award

The product range of INDUSTRIAL ACCESS SA:

Rent and sale Mobile Aerial working platforms, Lifts, hoists, Rubbish Chutes, Rough terrain forklift trucks , Access Tower Systems, Scaffoldings & FrameWork System ,Mini crawler ,Power Generators, Portable Air Compressors, Portabl