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Industrial Access SA

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Industrial Access - Contact Form

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Trailer and crawler lifts - OMMELIFT

OMMELIFT manufactures personal access platforms with a working height between 10.5 m and 37 m within the categories of trailer-mounted lifts and crawler-mounted lifts. OMMELIFT has a long tradition for manufacturing quality products with the requests and needs of our customers in focus. Our lifts are well-known for a very high quality, reliability and longevity, making us a favoured collaborator. The very compact design permits a variety of applications, also in difficultly to reach areas.
OMMELIFT is a third generation family company which has been going through a significant development over the last 100 years from the local forge in 1906 to the modern international manufacturing company of today. With more than 100 years OMMELIFT is a proud company with strong roots and connections in the local community and basic values of the Jutlandic heath - honesty, diligence and loyalty – are an incorporated part of the company identity. OMMELIFT is today one of the leading manufacturers of trailer- and crawler-mounted lifts in Northern Europe. OMMELIFT has a modern production area of more than 18000 square meters and employs ca. 100 employees.

OMMELIFT has gained distinction through the latest years, where we have been nominated for various prizes.
The following prizes – cementing OMMELIFTs major success - have been awarded to us: King Frederik IX’s Prize of Honour for Export, Ernest and Young’s ’Entrepreneur of the Year’ and the
Gazelle Company of Børsen (business economy and financial magazine).

Industrial Access - Trailer and crawler lifts - OMMELIFT