INDUSTRIAL ACCESS SA - Rent and sale:JLG - Aerial working platforms; GEDA - Lifts, platforms, hoists and Rubbish Chutes, Mobile Aerial Working Platforms - Nifty Lift,Aerial platform - LIONLIFT,Rough terrain forklift trucks - MAST EXPLORER,Mobile Access Tower Systems - Instantupright,Scaffoldings & FrameWork System - FERMAR,Mini crawler - UNIC CRANES,Power Generators - ATLAS COPCO,Portable Air Compressors - ATLAS COPCO,Portable Pumps - GODWIN PUMPS,Powerwashers - BRENDON,Lighting Tower - Towerlight,Transportable Fuel Dispensers,Engine Driven Welders - GENSET.

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Industrial Access SA

Phone: +40 21 313 02 00
Fax: +40 21 313 02 22
Call center: +40 788 NACELA

Industrial Access - Contact Form
Industrial Access - Contact Form

What machine do I need for my job?

1. What is the maximum work height I need to reach? (Working height is considered to be 6 feet -2 meters- above the maximum platform height.)
2. What is the maximum capacity required (people and materials)?
3. How large of a platform will be necessary?
4. Will I need to travel in narrow aisleways?
5. Do I need a tight turning radius?
6. Will I need to move the lift from one floor to another?
7. Will I be working inside?
8. Do I want the ability to drive the machine when elevated?
9. Do I need a platform extension to reach over obstacles?
10. Do I need a scissor lift for straight-up vertical work?
11. Do I need a boom lift for reach?
12. Do I need an articulating boom for up-and-over clearance?
13. Will I be doing on- or off-slab work?
14. Do I need side reach?
For all this problems we have professional equipments for access work at height available, whitch are optimal high yeld solutions, competitive by price, built by Lionlift..
For details and free support pleas call +40 788 NACELA or access


Industrial Access